EMT School

“Evangelist Missionary Training | One Day Intensive

“A 13 Week School to help you become more confident in sharing your faith “

Evangelist Missionary Training School

Have you ever wanted to be more confident in your calling? Do you have a desire to do more? Experience
more? Do you need a spiritual jumpstart? If so, the EMT School is designed just for you! This 3 month
training is a perfect mix of theological, ministerial & practical impartation for everyday christian life. In fact,

our goal is for you to walk away with the tools to fulfill your God-given destiny….

You can access the EMT application online @
www.chancewalters.com or by sending an email to

Please fill out application and let us know if you have any questions. You can mail it to: PO Box 16831 Greensboro, NC 27416 or you can send it
electronically. Let us know if you have any questions.

The cost of the Evangelist Missionary Training School will cover the class materials, monthly utilities and the honorariums for our world class guest speakers. Please let us know if you need help raising your tuition costs. This can be paid in full or in 3 easy installments of $100 dollars a month or $25 a class.

At the conclusion of the school, you will have the unique
opportunity to attend a Mission’s Trip to Rio de Janeiro,
Brazil from November 15 – 22, 2021. Our team will
minister in local churches, host a Gospel Crusade in the
Ghetto and share our faith on the streets. You don’t want
to miss this! *** There’s more Information to come! ***

Putting the Go back into the Gospel

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